Gas Cage Trolley

9 Cylinder Gas Storage with bonus Gas Cylinder Trolley

Part No: NS-AGC01-T
NS-AGC01-T can store 9 size G gas cylinders.
$2,599.00 excl tax $2,230.00 excl tax

Gas Cylinder Welding Trolley

Part No: EW-T-WT
This 2 gas cylinder welding bottle trolley is a craneable trolley and designed to carry one type ā€œGā€ Oxygen and one type ā€œGā€ Acetylene gas cylinder. Complete with internal load-binder to securely fasten both gas cylinders.
$560.00 excl tax

Welding Trolley for Oxy Acetylene Bottles

Part No: NS-GCN2
NS-GCN2 welding trolley has been designed to suit 1x type G Oxygen and 1x type G Acetylene gas cylinder set.
$835.00 excl tax $760.00 excl tax