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8 Tonne Forklift Container Ramp

Part No: EW-CR8000
The Forklift Container Ramp CR8000 is fitted with a handy flip-up fork pockets for easy and safe transportation around a facility. These handles fold up and enable handling. The unit is further supplied with safety chains on either side of the device to ensure the ramp is securely connected to the container, when the ramp is in use. This ramp is ideal for most general applications, as it strong enough to support machinery like forklifts. EW-CR8000 is the new model forklift container ramp with 8000kg SWL and folding design for easy storage. Full compliance for Workcover and includes full documentation including safe use manual and workplace risk assessment.
$1,460.00 excl GST $1,250.00 excl GST

8000 Kg Heavy Duty Fixed Container Ramp

Part No: EW-FCR-HD-8000
The 8000 Kg container ramp design is primarily used for bridging a forklift from standard ground level into a standard shipping container. Container ramps are designed specifically to match the height of a container and allow entry and exit of forklifts carrying heavy loads. They prevent damage to your forklift and the ground by attempting to bounce your forklift up the container lip. Fixed or removable ramps are ideal for minimizing tripping accidents where there is a large amount of pedestrian traffic. They are also useful where products on wheels need to be moved in and out and can be located at any door opening.
$2,530.00 excl GST

Fixed Container Ramp 6500kg

Part No: EW-FCR-6500
Forklift container ramp (Fixed) made super tough to safety standards. Fixed forklift container ramps designed to access shipping containers to your requirements. 160cm x 200cm x 17cm, Treadplate Deck, Safety chains included, Compliance Plate, 12 Month Warranty
$1,050.00 excl GST

Multi Purpose Truck Loading Ramps for Track or Pneumatic Tyres

Part No: EW-3033T
This series of truck loading ramps is perfect when using a combination of steel tracks, rubber tracks, steel tracks with rubber pads and also vehicles with rubber tyres. Range up to 4 metre lengths and 11,500 kg capacity.
$1,410.00 excl GST

Truck Loading Ramps for Multi Terrain Loader

Part No: EW-3033PT
Perferct for Multi Terrain Loaders with either rubber tracks or pneumatic tyres. Extra width for easy of loading and unloading.
$1,530.00 excl GST

Truck Loading Ramps Heavy Duty Pneumatic Range

Part No: EW-1524R
Standard range includes lengths to 4 metres and 6000kg capacity. Other lengths and capacities on request.
$895.00 excl GST